Learn Quran Online

Learn Quran Online

Learning the Holy Quran has been one of the most effective and helpful processes that help Muslims complete around the world about the teaching of the Holy Quran and Islam. The motive of our online institute is to Learn Quran online through our online classes most simply and flexibly to children and elders at their home; it is easier than you imagine.
Now you and your kids can gain precious knowledge of Islam at their house in front of your eyes, so you don’t need to drive your children far away to an institute or Mosque to learn Holy Quran with TAJWEED. We can help you learn Quran online with proper laws of TAJWEED and improve your recitation of the Holy Book.
ALHAMDULILLAH, for many years thousands of students have finished and memorized the Quran from Iqra Quran Center It doesn’t matter how old or young (age 4 to 70 years) you are or if you’re a beginner, with the assist of our highly skilled QARI and teachers we’ll start guiding you from basic lessons of NOORANI QAIDA gradually improving to the extreme level of TAJWEED.
At iqraqurancenter.com, our institutes have the most effective plan of learning the Quran online. More than 4000 students have benefited through our institute and might are benefiting, Learn Quran online on Skype with us.
You want to give it to trial and see how these learn Quran online classes so register now for free three days trial and see for your self-contact us now for any further assistance.

Importance of Learning Holy Quran
Importance of Learning Holy Quran The importance of learning in common and leaning Holy book, in particular, is evident from the initial revelation that God Almighty bestowed on His last Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him. The verses of the Primarily revelation say:
Say publically! (read) in the name of Almighty and Cherisher, who made, created Human out of a mere of congealed Blood (Chapter Number 96; Verse number 1-2)
Therefore Islam from its very starting has been a supporter of learning, and what superior Book for leaning can be other than the Holy Quran which is the world of Allah Almighty. Moreover, about learning of Holy Book, the Following HADITH of Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him speaks for itself:
The most excellent of you is he who has learned the Holy Quran and then Taught it to others! (BUKHARI)
Therefore the learning of the Holy Book and its teaching is one of the holy acts an every Muslim can perform.
Our Philosophy at Iqra Quran Center
Our philosophy at Iqra Quran center is to attain the blessing and the reward of God Almighty by delivering his unique message to humanity. Our vision is to deliver the exact knowledge of Islam teaching with essence. More vitally, our main goal is to teach the Holy book online with applied laws of the Science of TAJWEED. We want to see our learners as a role model of Islam and a fine example in the community as well as in society. Our aim to deliver the basic theory of Islam by introducing and teaching the basic Islamic studies to our students (adults or Children).
Learn Quran Online With Us
A study conducted for analyzing the state of Muslim learners and institutes across over 15 diff countries ended-up in enormous results. Due to the hectic row and very busy schedule followed by the parents and the lack of nearby Islamic academies and institutes, it had turned out to be impossible for Muslim parents to join up their kids in such a program. These things indicate the need for and importance of learning Quran Online.

    • Availability of teachers (male and female) at your convenient time and days. As we offer lean online classes 24/7.
    • The personal lesson each student with one on one interactive classes
    • No transport problems or traveling expense concerns as all courses we offered are live and online with modern technology.
    • Learn Quran online where ever you wish even while sitting at a house in a custom atmosphere comfortable for the learner.
    • Availability of highly trained and acknowledged multilingual teachers, Female Quran Teachers and the option of picking the teaching staff.
  • Through this program, the student can avail the option of direct chant linking with her/his teacher.

If you want to learn Quran online, all these facilities are just a few steps away, register now with us and join the true of the manner of success.

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